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Tooth Whitening Powder


Tooth Whitening Powder


This teeth whitening polish is ideal for dental use and non-abrasive. Miracle Tooth Whitening Powder absorbing heavy metals and delivering essential minerals, while peppermint helps soothe gums, fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, and give you a fresh breath.

Tooth Whitening Powder
Tooth Powder For whitening

Features of Tooth Whitening Powder:

Whitening Powder has an extreme Whitening effect. Effective to remove tea stain, coffee stain, pigment teeth, dental plaque. Teeth whitening, reduce tooth dirt, enhance oral hygiene, reduce oral diseases.

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Tooth Whitening Powder

How to Use:

Take two drops of liquid on a cotton swab, wipe the surface of teeth repeatedly for 1-2 minutes, then rinse the mouth with warm water for 3-5 minutes, once a week.


Item Type: Teeth Whitening liquid
Color: clear
Function: Teeth Whitening
Quantity: 1 Bottle

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