17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

The List Of 17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

On this page, you will find the list of 17 coolest products you need to buy online. The internet is a strange, beautiful, mind-blowing place, and we’re not yet deterred! Regarding online shopping, sometimes the newest items are the first items we want to add to the cart. So we found your favorite things and there are some genius items that we don’t know we need. Support yourself (and your wallet) for these wonderful findings!

1. Light Blade Shaped Bread Knife

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The only ingenuity of this knife isn’t that it looks as cool as it came out of the ‘Star Wars’ movie. Because while slicing the bread, it also fries them. This design that the Chinese designer Chia-Yu Yeh has been working on has not been released yet. But who knows, maybe this crazy design may soon become an indispensable part of our lives. Products You Can Buy Online

2. The Belt That Ended the Trouble of “I Gained Weight, I Lose”

The Belt That Ended the Trouble of "I Gained Weight, I Lose" 17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

It is a fact that it is smart and useful. But how do you fit it on you, we don’t know it. Products You Can Buy Online

3. Double Headed Toothpaste

17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online 17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

Squeezing with this paste will no longer be a problem. Most of Products You Can Buy Online will come like married couple medicine.

4. Scooter Suitcase
Scooter Suitcase

Users know, it is very difficult to carry items with scooters, especially items that take up space. However, thanks to the Chinese inventor, He Liangcai, this problem is now a thing of the past. Because in this ‘Scooter’ body there is a big suitcase. This electric-powered scooter has 6 hours of battery life. There is also an integrated burglar alarm and GPS system on it.

5. Pritt Shaped Butter

Pritt Butter 17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

This product will be the best friend of a slice of bread with a sword-shaped knife.

6. Reusable Candle

Reusable Candle 17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

This wonderful design of Benjamin Shine is a blessing for countries like us, where there is a constant power outage. Thanks to the simple yet quite rational design you see in the photos, you will no longer have to spend money saying “candle is exhausted at home”.

7. Both USB and Battery Charger

Both USB and Battery Charger 17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

Some inventions really make people’s life easier. Just like this example … Just plug it in and charge your laptop. E what more ..

8. Flip-Flop Metal Detector

Flip top metal detector 17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

Those who want to make money by walking on the beach, do not miss ..

9. Magic Wand Shaped Control

Magic Remote 17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

With this magic wand-shaped remote, it is possible to change channels by turning your wrist slightly. Moreover, the controller has a smart programming feature that can learn 13 different movements.

10. Touch Screen Gloves
Dokunmatik Ekran Eldiveni

If you are outside in the cold in winter, it is a big problem to take off the gloves that hold your hands warm and write a message to someone. Thanks to this glove, you will not have such a problem anymore.

11. USB Powered Microwave Oven
USB Powered Microwave Oven

If you are someone who spends so much time at the computer, what should we say, God, give patience? If you buy this product, you will probably never get up from your seat.

12. Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones Products You Can Buy Online

We are aware that there are many such products in the market. But this product can also work underwater.

13. Smart Deodorant

Wireless Headphones Products You Can Buy Online

Here is the world’s first smart deodorant. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly. Developed in roll-on style, this deodorant allows you to use the product at the same rate when you press the button on it. In this way; You can also prevent your skin from being damaged by excessive use. The amount can be adjusted according to the user’s request.

14. Smart Trash

Smart Trash Products You Can Buy Online

Named as Bruno, this smart trash can; It carries a vacuum device. Thus, it can quickly attract dust or dirt collected on the surfaces. The device has iOS and Android versions. It is undoubtedly admirable that Bruno, who can also use WiFi technology, notifies the decreasing garbage bags and gives warnings to empty the garbage.

15. Smart Suitcase
Smart Suitcase

It is possible to open and close this suitcase from any distance using your smartphone. In addition, thanks to its smart design, it also puts an end to the panic “How much weight does my baggage come in” before everyone gets on the plane. Loss can be detected immediately thanks to a special network that uses the place in case of theft. And what’s more, it’s also charging for your smart devices …

16. Smart Thermos Cup

Smart thermos glass

Thermos cups are indispensable for most of us. Despite all the traffic-related difficulties, especially when driving to work by car in the morning, if we consider the pleasure of a sip of hot tea or coffee. This glass promises a little more than just offering you a hot drink. Like charging your phone.

17. Wearable Mouse

Wearable Mouse 17 Coolest Products You Can Buy Online

The health problems created by the ‘mouse’ models sold in the market over time are known. The main purpose of this wearable mouse is to prevent these problems from occurring. Also, according to users, it makes computer games more enjoyable.

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