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Hot Kids Gatling Bubble Gun Toy


❎Powered by lithium battery:
❎Not included Bubble Liquid:
❎Wide Application:

2021 Hot Kids Gatling Bubble Gun Toy 44-Hole Charging Electric Automatic Bubble Machine Summer Outdoor Soap Water Children Toys Gadkit
Hot Kids Gatling Bubble Gun Toy


Bullet Points:

1、Powered by lithium battery: Interesting leaf blower that produces a stream of bubbles. With realistic design and fresh colors, this toy bubble blower is what you need. tap the bubble liquid and pull the trigger, a lot of bubbles will be ejected!

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2、Not included Bubble Liquid: Due to logistics problems, bubble liquid may need to be adjusted by yourself, so that your child's hands-on ability will be strengthened!
3、Wide Application: Our bubble machine is very suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, can also be used as party, birthday or anniversary gift. Whether you plan to host a party for your kids or celebrate their birthdays, our bubble guns are the highlight of party.

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4、Preferred Material: Made of the preferred ABS material, it is durable and has strong safety performance. Not cause harm to the human body. The bubble machine is suitable for children to play and entertain.

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Enjoy Your Littlun Beyond Borders
Looking for a unique and mind-blowing gift for your little one?

With the Boom Bubble Blaster™ 2.0, you’re guaranteed to impress your friends, family and even strangers with your super-cool-looking little girl in the process.

Order yours today to gift your little one for hours of immeasurable fun.


Are you a “Fan” of “Bubbles”?

With the Boom Bubble Blaster™ 2.0 you can have both. The balloon head can be used as a removed summer fan, or if you want a sea of ​​bubbles, reapply the head and create a little bubble magic. With this 2-in-1 functionality, it truly is one of the most practical toys around.

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Safe for Littluns
The impressive machine has no sharp edges, so you don’t have to worry about your little one getting injured. Kids can use it safely and enjoy the fun of bubbles while creating precious life memories.

make memories

Boom Bubble Blaster™ 2.0 can stimulate children’s imagination and creativity while using colorful bubbles to enrich your little one’s childhood memories. It can even be used to interact with babies and bring more stimulation and a sense of happiness and well-being.

Perfect bubbles for perfect little kids
The porous nature of Boom Bubble Blaster™ 2.0 means there are no sticky or foamy bubbles. Perfect little ones deserve perfect bubbles.

hours of fun
Boom Bubble Blaster™ 2.0 has been upgraded to a new level for kids to enjoy longer. The sustainable power function means your little ones are guaranteed hours of fun.

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leave as much as you want
With a reinforced shell that is sturdy and durable, you will no longer have to worry about your naughty little ones being rude on this toy. Without sharp edges, odors and bubbles. You don’t have to worry about your baby being injured. Kids can use it safely and enjoy the bubbles.

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party time
Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities makes the Boom Bubble Blaster™ 2.0 suitable for almost any situation. Whether you plan
Throw a party for your little ones or celebrate their birthday, our bubble guns
most important feature of any party.


Product information:

Boom Bubble Blaster™ 2.0
Bubble water bottle (Without bubble water)
bubble basin
lithium battery
charging cable

Packing List:

Super Bubble Machine*1
Bubble water bottle*1 (Without bubble water)
Bubble basin*1
lithium battery*1
Charging Cable*1

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