Amphibious Folding Motorcycle


Amazing motorcycle for difficult roads. Get your survival motorcycle today!

The folding motorcycle will meet all your needs. Do you live in a wooded area or where difficult roads? No problem! The amphibious motorcycle will help you to will help you overcome. The amazing motorcycle will save you even on the most difficult roads. For me all the terrain vehicles are amazing but this is not  I am not talking about your regular family SUV.

The folding motorcycle is amazing and rare that you can not find it everywhere. The foldable motorcycle is a Russian made all-terrain which created to help riders travel through forests, climb mountains, cross snowy planes and any other difficult terrains you can not even imagine.

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The motorcycle has two versions which are  2×2 Taurus 2 – a collapsible model with low-pressure tires weighing around 110 lbs (540 KG) and powered by a 5.5hp engine hooked to a 3-speed transmission.

The second model, the 2×2 Taurus 2M weights around 160lbs (73KG). It has heavy duty tires and is powered by a 4stroke 7hp engine and features a foldable design. Both models can reach speed up to 60 KMH and have a fuel consumption of 0.3 US gal per hour!

Folding motorcycle

The onboard fuel reserve allows about 4.5 hours or riding.

The Taurus all-terrain motorcycles are in project mode and they should be available on the market soon. The expected retail price turns around $980 US. In delivery, you will have the motorcycles DIY assembly kit.

Taurus 2x2

Amazing motorcycle for difficult roads. Get your survival motorcycle today!


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