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Anti Snore Stop Snoring Chin Strap Belt


KEEPING AIRWAYS OPEN is an effective snoring solution that allows more oxygen into the lung therefore to instantly stop snoring, clenching, tooth grinding.

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Anti Snore Stop Snoring Chin Strap Belt Gadkit
Anti Snore Stop Snoring Chin Strap Belt



Why we snore?

While sleeping, the muscles in our necks relax. Sometimes, they relax so much that the upper airway partially closes, narrowing the passageway in which air travels to our lungs. This narrowing of our airway causes a vibration in the throat when you breathe, which causes the sound of snoring

How does a chin strap help?

Quiet Panda Anti Snoring Chin Strap effectively helps reducing snoring while letting users keep their natural sleeping positions. It prevents air flow leaking from your mouth by holding your chin in a stable position which encourages breathing through your nose. It supports the chin allowing the jaw to relax with the mouth closed or nearly closed. As long as there are no obstructions preventing breathing through the nose, snoring cannot easily occur.


  • Stop Snoring Chin Strap: made of Neoprene for your comfort.
  • Physics to stop snoring by holding your jaw firmly in place.
  • Soft, stretchable, adjustable and breathable, comfortable to wear.
  • Perfect choice for preventing snoring, sleep apnea, bruxism, TMJ pain.
  • Great gift for your husband, wife, parents , kids and friends.


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