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Unique Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

We all need kitchen tools and kitchen inventions from time to time but sometimes we need them really bad. Here you can find the best and unique kitchen tools & gadgets. I think we can understand the importance of the kitchen and kitchen inventions. Food is important to maintain our lives and everyone has to feed. You can give these products to your friends who like to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Im sure it will be a targetted gift idea.

Kitchen Inventions

Sometimes being in the kitchen can be frustrated and we have to look for an easy way to cook. Using tools will make your job much easier and you will have fun while cooking. With these amazing products that can be used in every area, you can make your kitchen more practical.

The products mentioned below are fully well rated and can be used safely.

Top 5 Unique Kitchen Tools


1-Lemon Juicer

It is really important to squeeze the lemon without wasting it. Here comes the lemon juice sprayer which is a nice invention that is fully commissioned here. This unique kitchen gadget will squeeze your lemon or orange or whatever you want. All you have to do is flip the lemon into the juicer than and turn it in until you end it. The unique kitchen tool is very useful for you. It’s like a first-aid kit when it’s something that needs to be urgently squeezed.

When everything is complete just spray it on any food or drink. The lemon juice sprayer is very useful and easy to use. This kitchen invention can be a perfect gift idea for the kitchen gadget lover.

lemon sprayer
Lemon Sprayer

Creative Gadgets Lemon Sprayer Mutfak Fruit Juice Citrus Spray Cooking Tools


2-Spiral Vegetable Fruit Slicer

automatic botte opener

In the kitchen, you sometimes need to be strong. This cool gadget will help open the jar lid easily. This is a really unique kitchen tool will help you whenever you need help. Not any more running containers underheated water, slamming them against the counter, hitting them with a blade or approaching another person for help.

Basically, put the non-slip Base Pad under the container, slide the Jar Opener over the cover and bend counter-clockwise to release.  We can count this beautiful product in the gifts for women category.

Automatic Electric Jar Opener

One Touch Can Tin Opener Kitchen Tools Gadget MX


3-World Smallest Espresso Machine

cool coffe machine red

The small kitchen tool is the world’s Smallest Espresso Machine. It is amazing to make coffee with this machine. Make Espresso Anywhere, Whenever You Want! It operates completely manually. It does not need batteries, chargers or electricity to operate.  Allows you to make espresso whenever you want. It can be transported everywhere because it is portable. It is very easy to use and clean. This small kitchen tool can be a good gift for coffee lovers. You can easily give it to a man or women as a gift.

Mini Original Espresso

With the Essenza Mini, De'Longhi has delivered its most compact Nespresso machine yet - without any compromise on taste.


4-Souce Gun

Sauce dispenser gun is fun and funny product adds a distinct fun to the kitchen. Sometimes we may have to squeeze a sauce without messing around, but it can result in a disaster. This is a unique kitchen gadget will make your life easier.

Fill up and squeeze where you want in your hands. You can put whatever you want into it. This is very cool and geeky product can brink a lot of fun. You can present as a gift to your friend’s barbecue party.

Ketchup gun
Souce Gun

GUN for Ketchup Mustard BBQ or Sauce Novelty Condiment Dispenser GIFT


5- Tomato Slicer

kitchen inventions

This cool kitchen inventions tomato cutter is a great tool that really needs to be in everyone’s kitchen. We can count this product in cool kitchen inventions. Tomato slicer is a great product that will make life easier and will help you enjoy cooking.

The curved finger rests provide comfort even during repetitive use. You do not have to cut tomatoes only, a cool product can be used for other products easily suck as easily slice grapes, pitted olives and grape tomatoes. A cool product gives you a chance to prepare your cherry tomatoes for dinner in just one move. Let’s make our life easier with tomato slicer.

–So what are the best features of the product?

  1. Tomato Cutter is kid friendly.
  2. Nothing can hurt your fingers.
  3. It contains no harmful substance and can be used for food.
  4. Blades are made of pure steel and designed in the United States.
  5. Funny at the same time you can find the useful product in the link below.
Tomatoes Cutter

Cuts grapes into quarters,Prevent Stuck in a Child's Windpipe

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