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Cute Octopus Walking Swimming Toy


☑️Interesting gameplay

☑️Comprehensive ability improvement

☑️Adorable Design

☑️Premium Material

☑️Cartoons design:

Cute Octopus Walking Swimming Toy Gadkit
Cute Octopus Walking Swimming Toy


Cute Octopus Walking Swimming Toy is the best gift for kids!

The octopus can only work by pulling and walking on land. You can turn the button in the water, and the octopus can swim in the water.

Cute Octopus Walking Swimming Toy Gadkit

Cartoons design: the shape of the product is the shape of a cute octopus, connected with a certain length of crab shape handle, The big eyes and round mouth are very cute. Bright colors and cute appearance design, easy to draw your kids attention, fun bath toy to entice your child into taking baths.

Cute Octopus Walking Swimming Toy

Premium Material: It is made of high-quality ABS plastic, durable, which is not only realistic but also sturdy and safe to operate, making it comfortable to touch suitable for baby’s small hands.

Innovative mechanical structure: Easy to use driven by clockwork. The wind-up switch just requires fingertips movement.

Cute Octopus Walking Swimming Toy

Adorable Design: The pleasant colors of the crab toy draw the attention of your kids. It can attract your toddlers to take a bath, and the kids will love bathing with this bath toy in the tub.

Cute Octopus Walking Swimming Toy

Comprehensive ability improvement

Octopus toy can attract the baby to encourage the baby to walk and exercise the baby’s leg strength while playing. The toy is conducive to children’s ability to recognize shapes, imagination, hand-eye coordination, motor skills.

Cute Octopus Walking Swimming Toy Gadkit 1

Interesting gameplay

The clockwork design makes the toy easy to operate. It can not only crawl on land but also swim in the water for a while. the baby will hold the octopus toy while walking, and the toy will also follow the baby to move around.


Perfect Gift: It can be used in bathtubs, swimming pools, showers, and also outdoors and on the beach. Baby toys are more suitable for babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages.

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Clockwork Dabbling Toy



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Clockwork water toys

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Water toys

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Infant (0-3 years old)


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