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Diy Modern Design Big 3D Wall Clock


Diy Modern Design Big 3D Wall Clock Is awesome for your home.
Diy Modern Design Big 3D Wall Clock


Why You Should Have This Wall Clock 

  • The 3D numbers are combined by three parts, acrylic mirror surface, EVA and the adhesive.
  • The acrylic mirror surface makes the clock gloss and sense of texture.
  • The EVA part makes the wall clock three dimensional, applicable to any atmosphere of the interior.
  • The high-quality adhesive ensures the clock stays on the wall for long.

Modern Design Big 3 D Wall Clock is:

  • Unique Design
  • Modern Wall Decor
  • High Quality
  • Durable

Installing Tips:

About the Installation Steps
  • NOT attach the mirrored pieces to the foam parts until you have them all positioned in their final locations to avoid cracking them.
  • NOT attempt to attach the clock mechanism or the fragile hands onto the base until you’re all done with everything else.


  • If you want to remove the numbers just heat the glue up with a heat gun or hairdryer with high heat settings. It shouldn’t damage your paint.

About Confirming the Position of the Numbers

  • It’s better to ask a second person’s opinion to help with the leveling and spacing of the numbers from one another.
  • NOT remove all of the paper from the sticky backs of the foam until you are 100% certain they’re at where you want them and perfectly aligned.




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