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Double Side Magnet Window Cleaner


Double Side Triangular Magnet Window Cleaner Perfect for home windows, car windows, greenhouse, conservatories, and so forth. Wipe up the surface stains and scrape the remaining water without a trace on the window finally. Save time and effort in household cleaning.

Double Side Magnet Window Cleaner Gadkit
Double Side Magnet Window Cleaner


Double Side Magnet Window Cleaner

Stay in The Room to Clean the Inner and Outer Windows at The Same Time with Double Side Magnet Window Cleaner

Wipe off any stains on the surface and finally scrape off any remaining water without a trace. Save time and effort in house cleaning. Please watch the professional instruction video in the seventh picture above to get good results.


Check your requirements as there are different models for different window types depending on the glass thickness.


The Best Quality Quality

This magnetic winder is made of high-quality ABS material and natural latex. Premium quality NdFeB magnet to provide a strong magnetic force. 100% eco-friendly. It comes with a built-in water storage sponge, no need to add water over and over again.

New Double Sided Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner Magnets Brush Home Wizard Wiper Surface Cleaning Tools 3 2
Triangular Shape Design

This triangular Magnet Window Cleaner gives you a thorough cleaning without leaving a dead-end anywhere.
Magnet Window Cleaner is suitable for double glass in 16×12.5×4.6cm size, 15-24 thickness. Effectively cleaning the window on both sides forces the sliding part to decontaminate.


【Wide Use】

Double Side Magnet Window Cleaner is Perfect for home windows, car windows, greenhouse, conservatories, etc. The product for ANY reason.

Double Side Magnet Window Cleaner


1. Clean the window on both sides, evenly force the sliding to decontaminate, the magnetic is super strong.
2. Built-in water storage sponge, no need to repeat water.
3. 2 meters long safety anti-falling rope, when the rope is tied to the hand during use, safe fall protection.
4.Triangular shape design, comprehensive cleaning without leaving a dead-end in place.
5. High-quality rubber wiper strip, imitation car wiper strip design, soft and wear-resistant.

How to use it?

1. Keep the safety rope in hand to prevent the glass rub falling from high altitude.
2. Turn the glass rub open.
3. Soaked in water to allow the sponge to absorb moisture.
4. Add a little cleaner to the fiber cloth.
5. Align the glass rub, natural adsorption.
6. Start to wipe the glass.




3-8mm single glass, 5-12mm single glass, 15-24mm double glass

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  1. Gérald Courbet

    Nors neatitinka nuotraukos, bet stipriausas veikia mūsų plastikiniams langams.

  2. Eleri Barnes

    Very fast delivery and very good product, strong magnet, and clean very well, recommended. With gadkit good communication.

  3. Micael Montes

    In appearance, everything is fine, without damage, the magnet is strong. I haven’t tried it yet.

  4. Tandy Hoyte

    good item

  5. Gianmaria De Sario

    Magnets are tremendously strong, I recommend gadkit

  6. Graham Rankin

    Works super well

  7. Néo Lortie

    Arrived in 1 month.

  8. Benoît Cortot

    Looks good, just like the description, I haven’t tried it yet.

  9. Verline Cordon

    Delivery of 50 days to Moscow via Russian Post. The brush keeps on the double glass normally. Moves and test cleaning performed.

  10. Bonnie Montes

    From each other barely unclinging, in fact, how to wipe the glass did not check yet

  11. Zoraida Swick

    The goods came on time, the packing is slightly crumpled brush did not suffer!!! Magnetic very tightly!!! Windows have not yet been washed, I’ll add a little later. 

  12. Prudence Rodden

    Very fast delivered, faster than expected! It should still try.

  13. Emmanuel Gillie

    Viskas veikiatik atsargiai magnetas yra-60 stiprus

  14. Patty Balser

    Very good, I manage to clean my exterior windows! Very powerful magnets.

  15. Ira Forster

    Product as described.

  16. Alfonso Villapol

    Great thing, mom is happy 🙂

  17. Valtena Amodei

    Through three windows of eurowindows with difficulty. With a detergent did not try, but on Dry Falls.

  18. Major Woodrum

    Seller recommend, thank you.

  19. Franchesca Schwebach

    Working good!!

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