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Shot Floating Ball Shooting Game


Fabricated from high-quality flexible plastic. Simple to use, one-button process. Works with batteries for USB and AAA (not included). In one order, you get a complete 7-piece set of Equally enjoyable for adults , teenagers, & the entire family Easy-to-hold guns and available floating air targets Simple to bear, lightweight.

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Floating Ball Shooting Game Target
Shot Floating Ball Shooting Game



A hover Shot Floating Ball Shooting Game is a  game that involves shooting ping pong balls with a pistol is a floating ball shooting game. It is made of top-notch plastic material that offers a target, explosives, balls, fixers, and a power device with two-way power.

Power it with batteries and switch on the wind to see balls spinning in the air. Balls and bombs are made from soft rubber so that if they come in contact with a human, they are not dangerous. By firing from a range of 10-12 m, you can strengthen your shooting skills.

FLOATING BALL SHOOTING GAME in 2020 | Shooting games, Fun party supplies, Floating

What you’re going to get?

✔Gun and Explosives: With a tight grip, you can keep the gun and load 5 bombs into it at once.

✔Simple to run suspension target: the suspension target blows wind to support float targets.

✔Eco-friendly and healthy shooting: During the game, no one gets injured because the bombs are made of soft rubber and do not irritate the skin.

✔Usage of one button: Only one button can be used to change wind speed and flow goals.

✔Act with batteries: The battery cells can be used for outdoor shooting.

✔Different wind speed for different targets: to change the wind speed from high to low and vice versa, the hover shot floating target game comes with separate buttons for both fans.


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