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Kitchen Master Garlic Crusher


Kitchen Master Garlic Crusher is a tool that Keeps your kitchen duty and hobby easier using our Garlic Press. Just slide, press and roll your way to your man and fam’s heart!

Kitchen Master Garlic Crusher


No More Spending Efford And Time For Garlic

Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher Squeezer Mincer Chopper Kitchen Gadget for your kitchen. Garlic Crusher handles ABS, blade: 304 stainless steel The holes are fine and the garlic is delicate. The handle is non-slip and comfortable. Arched design is easy to use, gently press the second out of the minced garlic

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Garlic Press

Why Do We Need Garlic Press?

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You may think you don’t need a Garlic Crusher, especially when you only need one or two teeth when cooking, but consider this: when you cut with a knife, garlic cloves are often slippery, which means you risk being cut.

What about the fragrance? Garlic has a strong scent that will stick to your hands long after you cut and hold it. The worst-case scenario is a garlic burn.

So why do you need a garlic press? Simple. Pressed garlic adds more density to the dish. It’s easy, safe, odorless (prevents you from having sharp hands), and fast, especially when you need to peel more than a clove of garlic!

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Why buy our Garlic Press?

We understand that some meat grinders still require you to cut or peel the cloves in half, which means you have to use your knife, but our Garlic Press allows you to have an easier and more convenient way of preparing minced garlic by simply pressing it!

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No more peeling and cutting with a knife, because you can easily separate the skin and body simply by pressing, and then break the garlic faster.

You can question the safety aspect as the Garlic Press definitely has sharp blades, but there is a safety handle made of environmentally friendly and fully recyclable ABS plastic. The sharp perforated blades are on the opposite side of the handle and are designed in a circular shape for easier, more efficient pressing.

Get your garlic ready and decorate your ready meals for an additional burst of flavor!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is The garlic Mincer Tool Made Of? 

The partially stainless steel part is ABS plastic material. Stainless steel is for hole blades that will crush garlic, and plastic ABS material is for the handle for more convenient and safe use.

Is it purposely round or are there other design variants?
It is actually designed in the shape of a round arc to easily wrap on the garlic and press it more efficiently.

Can it be washed in the dishwasher?

Yes, definitely. And it’s easy to clean too! You don’t have to worry about stuck parts because you can easily wash them under running water.

Do you chop the garlic in small pieces or are they big enough, like small cubes you take with a knife?

Yes, it presses garlic into small pieces, powdered or very small to obtain a doughy texture, but definitely smaller than garlic chopped with a knife.

Can you use it on unpeeled garlic?

Of course. This actually makes peeling much faster and easier because, as we all know, separating the skin with cloves is easier done by pressing. As for minced meat, yes, pressing this product can break the garlic even though the skin is still present.

What’s the size?

4 inches wide (with steel as a base) and 3 inches high (steel to handle); 4, 21×2, 72×2, 01 inch

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 11.0 × 11.0 × 11.0 cm


Brand Name


Metal Type

Stainless Steel


Fruit & Vegetable Tools


Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type

Garlic Presses

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