Scary Hologram Video


Use a TV/monitor or projector and turn any environment into a thrilling, haunting experience.

Ghostly Apparitions

A hologram is a physical structure that diffracts light into an image. Ghostly apparitions provıdes seductive Siren, Wicked Wraith, Demonic Poltergeist, and Sinister Spinster which will scare you. Holographic video is the next stage of photography which create completely new possibilities for use, such as for product presentation. We must be prepared for innovation with the development of technology in the future.

I’m sure everyone likes scary pranks like me. Isn’t it fun to scare others? This time we have very good things to scare people but I need to tell you, you need a projection to make holograms video work. Compatible projectors with hologram video find here.


Hologramic Halloween Video

Wow! Very impressive and scary. To be honest I wouldn’t want such a joke to be done to me. Hologramic video needs a projector to play hologram. Scary hologram actually designed for special pranks and get people a heart attack.

Scary Hologram Video Cool Stuff and Unique Gifts gadkit


Which devices are compatible With Ghostly Apparitions?

  • Windows
  • Walls,
  • TV
  • AtmosFX Hollusion Material
  • 3DFX Prop

How can I use Ghostly Apparitions?

You can play your holographic video almost in every device. The cool product comes in the shape of a DVD from Amazon. You can copy it to the memory card at any time. You need the place the projector behind or in front of the sheet to get the best results.

You can give a great product as a gift or you can joke to someone else.


Scary Hologram

Use a TV/monitor or projector and turn any environment into a thrilling, haunting experience.


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