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Hair Straightening Brush


This awesome Hair Straightening Brush has a metal-ceramic heater and an excellent heating floor guaranteeing clean motion! Furthermore, Hair Straightening Brush has an LCD digital show and 360° pin twine that blocks line twining.

Hair Straightening Brush


Hair Straightening Brush blocks hair burns with its anti-scald device won’t ever pull hair!

This awesome Hair Straightening Brush has a metal-ceramic heater and an excellent heating floor guaranteeing clean motion! Furthermore, Hair Straightening Brush has an LCD digital show and 360° pin twine that blocks line twining.Hair Straightening Brush

This Hair Brush has a digital temperature controller and ceramic coating plates. Our Hair Brush additionally options scalp massager and auto shut-off safety.

Buy Gadkit`s Hair Straightening Brush for a very inexpensive worth, save a lot for your self, and assure wonderful hair care!


Pink-Professional, Black-Professional, White-PRO Plus

Plug standard




Commodity Quality Certification


Temperature Controller


Min. temperature

80 °C

Applicable hair

Dry & wet

Max. temperature


Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode

360° Rotatable

Model Number


Dimensions Of Heating Plate


Thermostat Adjustment Segments




Optimal styling time

Less than 1 min.

Material of thermal plate/bar

Tourmaline ceramic



Item Type


Power Source


Service life of thermal plate/bar

20,000-50,000 times


100-240v (Dual voltage)

Diameter of thermal conductor

More than 31 mm

Product Type

Hair Straightener Brush

20 reviews for Hair Straightening Brush

  1. Zoraida Swick

    I have a couple of hair straightener but I just have too much hair to do. It takes me about one hour to do my hair straight. This brush is exactly what I need with a great price. It takes about 10mins to straight all my hair and I won’t worry burning myself with it. it’s not burning on the tips. And it is actually a brush, so you don’t have to brush your hair after straighten it. It’s something I definitely want to keep at home and bring when traveling. I took 4 photos, which are the comparison of photos before and after my use. The effect is still very obvious, a very good product, the price is very affordable.

  2. Gage Edmonds

    Love this hair brush straightener worked great for straightening my hair! with my hair cut I recently got my hair would flip out as you see in my before and after picture! I didn’t like that! And this worked so good to take the flip out and straighten my hair also made my hair feel.really soft! I used it under my hair also to make that area straight did such a good job and it was quick! If I’m in a hurry in the morning this doesn’t take me a long time to do! Love this hair brush straightner!!!!!

  3. Rudolf Kirsch

    It’s an amazing straightening brush at an amazing price! it really straightens! It doesn’t burn the hair and it adds a lot of shine! The hair feels so soft afterwards. I absolutely love this brush. The only thing that is wrong about this brush is the smell of burning plastic it gives when you heat it up, but the smell doesn’t transfer to your hair. Great purchase overall.

  4. Dieter Krist

    I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend. She said she loves it. It does exactly what is advertised and she has no complaints.

  5. Efan Wharton

    This was a really wonderful purchase on my part. I have curly hair and I straighten it occasionally because it is really more manageable straight than curly.
    So I decided on this one based on reviews and ordered it in pink. It is a bit heavier than my normal flat iron but nothing too uncomfortable.
    This cut my hair down by mort than half the time. I finished in about 25 minutes when it normally takes me a bit over an hour.
    I also like that I can flip my head upside down to make sure I get all the pieces. You can see in the photos that it also leaves the volume to my hair where a normal flat iron I feel like makes my hair a bit flat.
    I’ve already recommended this to a friend!

  6. Ted Basye

    Product according to the description, it arrived after 18 days, very well packaged and protected, it works very well and can go up to 230 ° (on the display), I felt and saw a little plastic vapor when it heated but I think it’s because it’s still new, To be careful anyway, otherwise no worries I recommend

  7. Ellie Julius

    Woah, it actually worked! I’ll be honest, I had very high doubts about this product. I’m a 16 year old male with very wavy mixed curly hair. I’ve tired straighten my hair with water which would work until it dried out making my hair super poofy again. I just used it literally right before writing this post and it works. Before using it I had that poofy hair where I was able to control little but not much. My hair is straight for the first time and I love it. I would recommend this to any other boy or girl that has poofy hair that is sometimes not controllable.

  8. Winston Hyde

    Usually prior to straightening I would have shampoo and blow dried with a round brush. However for me… my hair was still kind of wet when I went to bed and thru my hair in a bun and hadn’t touched it since! So my hair was a hot mess for this poor thing to deal with. So of course I took to gadkit, and found this one. I couldn’t be more impressed!! Best hair straightener brush I have ever spent on something for my hair!!

  9. Fukumoto Shusake

    An hour after the order received a message that the parcel is sent. This is the fastest seller I ‘ve ever met on gadkit. but there was a package for a long time, but it’s a jamb of our mail. Comb cool, heated in a couple of minutes, straighten well, tomorrow I will set him a task harder. The only drawback is not a very long wire, but I’m not critical, the socket near the mirror is. Continued

  10. Wendi Raver

    When I bother to do my hair, which isn’t often, I generally use either a curling iron or flat iron, depending on the look. This brush was SO much easier than either of them! Lol

    It helps if you pre-brush any tangles out of your hair before applying the heated brush to your hair, because it was literally one time through and it straightened all the natural curve kinks from my tween’s hair and she was able to do it herself (with my guidance on how not to burn herself of her hair). Easy peasy.

    It was quick to heat, easy to use.

  11. Gayla Tincher

    This product does wonders to my hair! I have very frizzy and thin hair and it works amazing. It does not take me as long to dry and straighten my hair which I am a huge fan of because lets be honest getting ready sucks! It heats up super fast and keeps its temperature the whole time! I am very very satisfied with this product.

  12. Alpha Um

    The order came quickly. Packing quality. In the lung. Maximum temperature 180, heated in 2 minutes. Until I used it, I’ll share my impressions of work later. Seller recommend

  13. Major Woodrum

    Everything is well packed, whole and working. But my hair is too thick for a comb

  14. Craig Piro

    the product is very hot, it can used in about 30 seconds. saved a lot of my hair styling time. The product is very stable and heavy. the downside is that there is no delivery cassette, which is not convenient for storage. 

  15. Valtena Amodei

    I have not thick, but sooo curly hair. Comb solved my problem! I took a comb for more expensive-a professional. On the photo you can see! It’s warming fast. Straightens both dry and wet hair! To say that I’m happy-neither say anything!!! Very satisfied! It was 23 days. Track tracked all the way. The seller sent my order the next day. I hope it will last me long! I strongly advise!! +++++++

  16. Klemens Totleben

    So I finally tried this today even though I got it a couple days ago. I was super excited to get it but figured I wouldn’t have time to use it. Well, that was false. This thing had my hair straight in less than ten minutes! Mostly with one hand! I’ve tried ALOT of straightener brushes that were promised to give results and none of them even came close to this one. I’m literally amazed. And I don’t say that about hair stuff often. I have extremely long and wavy hair and it usually takes forever to do. I was so excited I took pictures before I put my makeup on lol. I would definitely recommend this product!

  17. Vladimiro De Angelo

    This works great for straightening and smoothing. It’s super easy to use and only gets hot right at the brush head so it would be hard to burn yourself on it. It was simple to pack away for my recent vacation. I like it quite a bit.

  18. Gérald Courbet

    Not sent

  19. Sarina Santos

    I got this for my mother cause she wanted a new hair straightener very badly and was looking around for one. At first she was looking for one that would just do it’s job and wasn’t to expensive but I saw this brand and I thought it was interesting. Luckily my choice was a good one and she loves it a lot. She likes how it effortlessly straightens her hair, especially when she has to go to work in the morning or the next day, and she likes how easy it is to use it. Her hair is not the longest and she wished it was smaller so she could go in and get everything but overall she loved the product and would recommend it to other people

  20. Iside Casaletto

    I am not great at styling my hair, and I find blow driers to be too noisy, so I only use them when I have to, but this brush is very nice to work with. It makes no noise, it heats up quickly, and it straightened my slightly wavy hair. My hair is chin length, it works on my shorter hair

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