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LED Colorful Dimmable Ring Light with Tripod


3 colors, stepless dimming light, white light, warm light, soft light. Adjustable light stand suit for universal high,and very stable .
With the studio to fill the light photo, portrait self-timer fill light.

LED Colorful Dimmable Ring Light with Tripod


10 brightness modes LED Colorful Dimmable Ring Light with Tripod


3 colors, stepless dimming light, white light, warm light, soft light. Adjustable light stand suit for universal high,and very stable .

With the studio to fill the light photo, portrait self-timer fill light. Photo studio ring led light USB plug fill light. Suitable for many social ,such as making up , Video Live ,studio light ,Photography.




  • Item name: Video Live Selfie Ring Light
  • Charging: USB plug
  • Type: Ring light with stand / ring lamp for makeup
  • Adjustable tripod stand: 70-200 cm
  • Light size: 26cm /10 in Diameter,
  • Light color: white light, warm light, soft light
  • Material : Aluminum+PC
  • Dimming range: 1%-100%
  • Color temperature: 3200K-6500K
  • Light Source: High quality LED SMD
  • Power: 10W
  • LED Bulbs: 64 pcs leds
  • Using: Product/ advertisement Photography, direct lamp fill beauty light, Makeup Video Live Studio



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18 reviews for LED Colorful Dimmable Ring Light with Tripod

  1. Eleri Barnes

    This product solved my biggest problem when shooting audition or self-tape videos: lighting. It provides several shades of neutral light that even out your appearance and eliminates harsh shadows. You can easily control the brightness of said lights to create the best balance for whatever space you are in!

  2. Wendelin Jonas

    This works amazing, and it’s even better with the rainbow color! I got the other one for my daughter, and when she saw this me, she just trade that with this once she saw all the different colors this has. She use this to take pictures for instagram & films TikTok, and she loves it.
    Moreover, this is so easy to set up compare to the other one, it literally took me lesser than 10 minutes. Highly recommend.

  3. Starr Lheureux

    I appreciate the compact packaging, ease of trip-pod set-up, and quality of the light. The inclusion of a Bluetooth camera button was a pleasant bonus.
    The lights themselves have multiple colors and a variety of brightness settings.
    While I purchased the ringlight to light around my webcamera, it may enough if I’m streaming at night with a solid background.
    Already recommended to my streamer and photography friends.

  4. Lluciano Marcos

    My sister loves this light!! It was easy to assemble and so much fun to use. She is going to school for film and bought a few basic items to use for projects, this being one of them. There was a bit of a black spec on the inside of the ring light but, it didn’t effect its overall functionality. Highly recommend.

  5. Shanda Gatling

    I bought this for my daughter to do TikTok videos with. We were both blown away on how bight the light is! It’s a great aluminum & plexiglass quality not plastic on plastic you normally get for this price. I definitely recommend this light to any up and coming TikToker looking for the best bang for their buck!

  6. Kathi Okamura

    It is perfect! I use this to take personal photos of my clothing, and it works phenomenally! I love the different colors to do different effects, and it has a little button that connects via Bluetooth so I can press the button to take the picture. It’s fantastic! I also love the height, it’s a perfect height for me to take my photos.

  7. Miriam Perry

  8. Gianmaria De Sario

    I’m so excited about how quickly this item came in. The setup was simple, the remote came with a battery thank goodness! 10 different color options which is super cool,

  9. Lelah Pelosi

  10. Jannette Wilmes

    So far this light has been perfect for my online classroom set up. It’s big enough that it provides enough light, yet can still sit on my desk behind my laptop without taking up much space. I like that it doesn’t give me a glare or migraines like my prior work light spot lights. Added bonus: the rainbow cycle colors look like a party in my office, and my students love it! Compared to similar priced items, this is the one to go with!

  11. Aliya Fernandez

    I’m so surprised that I only need this RGB light to change the atmosphere of my studio! What a good tool! 

  12. Sigmund Bruckmann

    My wife has started videoblogging. I must say that we had no idea how to do good videos indoor. We spent an enormous amount of time looking for some decent solution. It was a different kind of home lamp, flashlight, etc. But whatever we did it was not a good picture – always a shadow or a dark picture. This ring light with the stand eliminates all these issues. There is a set of light features. Like warm, cold, or different colors (to be honest we have never used it. Only warm or cold). The stand is adjustable but very robust. In conclusion, I have to say that this lamp is a perfect entry-level solution.

  13. Ellie Julius

    Sturdy. Great light. The quality of light from the ring light is beautiful. You get a soft light, so you don’t get harsh lighting. Easy to use. Love the multiple colors. Good value for the price.

  14. Verline Cordon

    This is my second ring light and already this one outlived my other. The light adds brightness without whitewashing the picture. It has a way to adjust the height, angle of the light and angle of the phone which comes in so useful. I rarely use the colors, but they’re fun to play around with if your taking pics just for fun. I use this for my blog, and it is a life saver!

  15. Fritz Filippi

    This is actually my second ring light. The first ring light I bought was powered by AC outlet. I really wanted to have one be able to be powered by USB. Did my research and ended up buying this one. Definitely worth it love the fact that you can change to other colors beyond white. Also like the fact it came with phone holder as a bonus. If you are looking for USB powered ring light I highly recommend this one.

  16. Della Drew

    Convenient and easy to use. It functions like a standard tripod and is really sleak and easy to use. It provides great lighting for doing makeup, taking photos, and shooting video. There are different levels of softness of light as well as a rainbow of colors and brightness settings.

  17. Cassey Odle

    1 month post purchase review: This was not my first ring light and I was happy to get this ring light for the price. Great quality with metal ring construction and very durable build. Works great and is very bright. Have dropped it several times on accident & knocked it over and it still works great. Works great for lighting my product photography in my photography light box for ecommerce products.

  18. Efan Wharton

    I been looking for a decent price ring light for awhile. Did a bunch of research online and finally decided to give this one a try. Definitely did not disappoint. It was easy to assemble. And I love the tripod is adjustable and it also come with a mini table top stand which is great for when taking pictures of item on the table.

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