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Magnetic Wireless Charger


Magnetic Wireless Charger For Iphone Gadkit
Magnetic Wireless Charger


Using your mobile phone while charging is inconvenient, especially if you are not sitting in the direction of the charging port. Not only will it break the cable, it will also annoy you.

Avoid all this by using our latest magnetic wireless charger.

With this, you won’t spend minutes searching for the right direction to insert the charging cable into the port. Simply place the magnetic suction cup on the back of your iPhone and it will start charging immediately.

What you will get:

Magnetic charging: No need to plug your cable into the charging port, this charging cell magnetically attaches to the back of your iPhone. The magnetic force is strong; Unless you do it yourself, it won’t let go of your phone.
Enables multitasking: It is difficult to use the phone while charging; You cannot play games or texts properly because the charging cable prevents hand movement. Use this wireless charger for convenient gaming or texting your loved ones while charging your phone.
Fast charging: Unlike other wireless chargers that are slow and take centuries to charge, this magnetic wireless charger is faster than you can imagine. With 15W maximum power support, your phone will charge in a much shorter time.
Convenient use: The charger’s 1 meter long cable makes it easy for you to move around while charging. You won’t have to sit in uncomfortable postures because the long wire makes it ideal for use from any angle.
Perfect gift choice: Surprise your tech-loving geek friends and make their birthday or Christmas even better with this wireless charger.




Fitted Case


Magesafe Silicone case

Compatible Brand

Apple iPhones

Compatible iPhone Model

iPhone12 Pro Max






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