Keep your smartphone in your bag and focus on the people in front of you. Let this MOTA DOI Smart Ring update you of important calls, emails, and social media notifications. Filter the spam and the less important ones. The VIP feature lets you control which notification to let through.

Mota Smartring

  • Subtle Notifications: Smart Ring notify you of incoming calls, texts, emails and more.
  • Be in Control: The VIP feature enables you to have complete control over which types of updates come through moreover even the ability to create a list of contacts of notification – worthy people also events.
  • Smart Power: Low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 communications provides a stable connection between your phone plus your Smart Ring.
  • Easy to pair and use with Bluetooth enabled mobile device. Simply scroll the Smart Ring’s screen to view your latest updatesDOI SmartRing

Network at your Fingertips. Mota smartring remotely associates with your cell phone and updates you just on the notices you need, comfortable fingertips. Blending with your Android or iOS gadget through Bluetooth, the MOTA DOI Smart Ring shows notices – of instant messages, approaching calls,

Mota Doi Smart Ring Gadkit Mota Doi Smart Ring – Gadkit

Facebook and Twitter caution and the sky is the limit from there. Quickly, look from screen to screen of all the unique warnings you have without expecting.

Accessible in midnight dark and pearl white, the MOTA DOI Smart Ring will dependably keep you refreshed in style. A Mobile Companion. The Smart Ring’s friend application for Android and iOS gadgets permit ultrafine-grained control of warnings to be shown on the ring. Low vitality Bluetooth 4.0 interchanges give a steady association between your telephone plus your Smart Ring. Open Anywhere. I think we made a ring to accommodate your chaotic timetable.


If you are restricted to your desk area at work, or a bustling guardian of three getting refreshes from your sitter.

Mota Doi Smart ring Mota Doi Smart ring

Mota smartring brings you all that you require, all with a flick of a finger.

Discrete. Imagine yourself in a gathering where noting a telephone call would be rude. No stresses! You can get just the warnings that issue, also read them appropriate on your ring, not opposing taking out your telephone.


The MOTA DOI Smart Ring is the best ring on the market. You can be refreshed on the entirety of your approaching instant messages however ideal from your Smart Ring. Convey what needs be.

Mota smartring at first comes in lovely midnight dark plus pearl white. Its smooth look mixes in consummately with yours, if you’re on Madison Avenue or Venice Beach.

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