Moving Inkblot Masks


The best animated Rorschach inkblot mask.

If you’re looking for a cool scary mask then look no further, the best-animated Rorschach moving inkblot mask is for you. The cool product has been sold in over 55 countries which makes moving inkblot mask very popular. You do not need any special effects. Your warm breath fades the ink to transparent; cool air darkens it producing a moving effect. You can see how does it look Rorschach mask on the picture below.


Patterns of the inkblot mask made using nontoxic so 100% safe thermochromic ink that reacts to your breath.

Control Effect Of Inkblot Mask

It will affect the animation of the inkblot amazingly as you can see on many videos online. The Rorschach mask is a High Performance seemed to fit most heads. Visibility is great and breathability is ideal.

For maximum visibility, pull the mask vertically and horizontally over the eye area to open the design.

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Moving Ink Blot Masks

The best animated Rorschach inkblot mask.


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