NERF Sniper Rifle

NERF Sniper Rifle Toy Gun

Amazing Rifle is air-powered dart blaster and the longest NERF blaster yet. You can easily target long range with Nerft Sniper. How far can you shoot? Neff Sniper allows you to shoot your darts up to 35 feet! The second good thing about the rifle is, you do not need to worry about ammo since you have two quick-reload clips.

NERF Sniper Rifle

The best think about sniper rifle is, you can shoot a very long distance because this cool product is air-powered dart blaster. I can not really say its heavy since it has only 4.03 pounds. If you want to use the sniper rifle for long range, you need to attach the barrel extension.

The toy rifle, when fully assembled, is about 3 ft long. There is no need for a battery or any other special stuff. I think cool product deserves to be expensive. The price for the sniper rifle is $549.95 which you can find it on Amazon. 


NERF Sniper Rifle

Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster


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