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No Touch Handheld Keychain Tool


No Touch Keychain designed to keep you safe and stop the spread by limiting exposure to infected surfaces in day-to-day activities Reduce the point-of-contact area.

No Touch Handheld Keychain Tool Gadkit
No Touch Handheld Keychain Tool



With social distancing measures looking for something definite, at least for the near future, the main focus in helping to protect yourself and prevent the spread of the coronavirus has been facemasks. But we found a device at Amazon that can keep you safe and germ-free: touch-free door openers.


These non-contact door openers help reduce the need to touch surfaces where bacteria and viruses can live, such as door handles, cash point keypads, and lift buttons. You can get non-contact door openers in virus-resistant brass, on keychains, and even with stylus tips so you can even use them on your mobile screen.

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We are trying to adapt to a lifestyle that is conscious of microbes. The No Touch Handheld Keychain Tool is made of special metal alloy materials such as copper and brass, which are completely antimicrobial, to help reduce the spread of microbes while performing some of your daily tasks.


Unfortunately, we cannot stay away from the elevators, ATMs (ATM), door handles, tablets, taps we use in common and objects that contain many similar microbes that we use in our daily life.


Antimicrobial Hand Shield saves you money by avoiding the use of excessive medical gloves, hand disinfectant, alcohol-based colognes, and prevents irritation of your hands.


No Touch Keychain Tool Manufactured with a Mix of Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Metal Alloys, the only solid metal touch surface approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Maybe the long explanations we will make will bore you, our customers, but knowing these properties of brass and copper is very important for you to buy the El Shield with confidence. Not knowing these properties of copper and brass may cause question marks for some of our customers. For this reason, we have two purposes for our Hand Shield product as LAVI STORE:


1. No customer can safely buy the product without leaving any question marks in his mind,

2. To ensure that this useful product is recognized throughout the country as soon as possible and that everyone can use it.

In particular, we would like to point out that many imitations of our product have been launched on the market. Some of them are made of iron, some of them are made of wood, some of them are made of plastic and are sold under the name of hand shield. We recommend that you pay attention to these imitation products.

And our request from you; please note that products that are not made entirely of copper and brass will not be antimicrobial.

NOTE: Our Hand Shield product has not been coated so that it is completely natural and does not lose its antimicrobial properties. Since it is natural, it may darken slightly when not used for long periods. In such cases, it will easily return to its previous state if it is wiped with natural products such as lemon water, saltwater, vinegar water.

Three main properties make antimicrobial metal alloys highly effective touchpad materials:

Safest Touch Keychain – safesttouch

– Kills bacteria constantly:

As an antimicrobial, the effectiveness has been proven to be much more effective than stainless steel. It has been proven to constantly kill bacteria that cause infections. They are the only solid metal antimicrobial contact surfaces registered by the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency).

It never wears out:

  • Permanent and ongoing antimicrobial effect.
  • It never affects the natural darkening effectiveness.

– Suitable for use:

  • It is not harmful to people and the environment.
  • It is naturally produced from antimicrobial material. No chemicals have been added.
  • It can be completely recycled.



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  1. Devon Huntoon

    acabo de recibir hoy gracias muy contenta

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    Artículo como descripción y envío rápido. Proveedor aconsejable

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    Artículo como descripción y envío rápido. Proveedor aconsejable

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    La descripción es perfecta, el producto es fuerte, abre y cierra las puertas perfectamente. Resistente. No se dobla

  5. Ildefonso Sollami

    everything excellent

  6. Lluciano Marcos

    All right and fast shipping

  7. Yuvraj Wolf

    Perfect Well finished without edges. Good device to open doors, press buttons without touching them.

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    Shipping very fast. The article is very good. Seller recommended. Thank you very much.

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    va muy bien

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    just like in the picture. has a few scratches when i opened the package but that’s alright for this thing 🙂

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  13. Dastan Nurbolatev

    Very satisfied. Didn’t need to contact the seller. The package took a bit longer to arrive in France, but due to Covid situation, is on time. Hope this purchase may have changed your ideia about the hygiene habits. Take care!!! I recommend this purchase.

  14. Alfonso Villapol

    It’s very good quality, it’s heavy and the top part can even be used to type on your phone.

  15. Maariya Kramer

    everything excellent

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    Artículo como descripción y envío rápido. Proveedor aconsejable

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    Very accurate

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    Product according to the description. Exactly the same as in the picture

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