Non-Lethal Salt Self Defense Gun

Non-Lethal Salt Self Defense Gun

This is the non-lethal Salt self-defense gun with security and accuracy. If you are looking for a legal self-defense gun which protects your place without the chance of killing someone, this might be the best self-defense gun for you. The salt gun shoots bullet-sized pepper spray capsules Instead of regular ammo.

A new weapon has been developed to ensure home security. The Non-Lethal Salt Self Defense Gun doesn’t kill the person but makes him wish to die. Imagine a criminal coming into your house. For normal people, it can be a difficult and conscientious objection to shoot a person. Even if there is nothing important to the criminal entering your house, your hand may not go to pull that trigger. This situation is extremely normal because human beings are really easy to understand.

non lethal salt self defense gun
non lethal salt self defense gun

Why Non-Lethal Salt Self Defense Gun?

In such matters, a new weapon was developed to make people feel comfortable. The Salt Pistol ignites the person who threatens you by igniting the chemicals that it contains. The self-defence salt gun does not threaten human life. You can protect yourself and your family with this weapon. Moreover, you do not need to have very good engagement skills. Since the effect of the weapon is spread in a certain area, you can ensure your safety without difficulty.

non lethal salt self defense gun

First of all, I must say that I hope you will never experience such events, but this is the reality of the world. This kind of undesirable events can happen anywhere, so we have to try several ways to get our own security. For example, women are trying to secure themselves by using pepper gas. This weapon seems to be more effective if it is necessary to go to the thief to squeeze the pepper spray or the stun gun.

non lethal salt self defense gun

The bullet from the weapon explodes with blow and turns into powdery chemicals. If we look at its effects, we can mention the features of transient blindness, lung narrowing and irritation in the body in contact. The person exposed to the projectile or explosion area lives for about 45 minutes. Obviously it seems like a great weapon for users who want to secure themselves. The range of the gun is about 36 meters, so it can be easily used in home environments.

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