Panda Puppy Costume


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What would you do if your puppy turns into a panda?

If you are a pet owner and looking for a costume for your dog then Panda Puppy costume is perfect for taking photos or treating events, birthdays, Christmas, and even more. Whether it’s for Halloween party or an event to get laughs and melt hearts, this panda puppy costume is like catnip for dog owners. They’ll absolutely friggin’ love it!

Whether it’s for Halloween or just to laugh and have a fun time, this panda puppy costume is the perfect design for dog owners. Absolutely people will love it!

Panda Puppy Costume

Finding costumes designed for the dog, such as a bear, lion or tiger, is more difficult than you think. Go ahead and grab one while the getting is good.

This panda dog suit has been designed for small dogs weighing 16 pounds. The costume comes in 2 main sizes that are flexible around. You may want larger sizes to fit different breeds, heights, and structures.

Panda Puppy Costume

Panda Puppy Costume

Let your puppy spread the love and make people smile in this adorable panda attire.   

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