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Outdoor Fire Starter Stick

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When you need a fire in difficult conditions in nature, you will be the savior of the fire starter magnesium bar… Steel apparatus, magnesium bar, you can light your fire with the piece of fire. You can start your fire with small and high calorie fire particles that will emerge by rubbing.

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  • Collapsible self-contained fire master, the unique device can certainly attract you. Small in size, ultra-portable for keyring and pocket carry.
  • Ferrocerium force works when wet, it can create extremely hot burning metal shavings and fires ideal for starting fires with flammable wood rain or shine.
  • Long service life, you can have more than 1000 fire-starting strikes.
  • With the flintstone, you can quickly start a fire out-of-doors in the case of without lighter or match.
  • Package List: 1 * Fire Flint

Get a fire going even in wet or windy conditions by using this survival fire starter pen. This battery-operated tool features a copper tip designed to quickly create a spark when putting next to steel wool and is small enough to carry everywhere.

Specification: Outdoor Fire Starter Stick


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