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Snore Silencer – The Best New Anti Snore Gadget

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Waking up in the middle of the night with the person next to you snoring is the stuff of nightmares… For a partner that doesn’t react to a subtle nudge, there is only one solution which is awesome snoring silencer!


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Snoring is a big problem but there is a solution with snore silencer. Stop snoring instantly and get a better night to sleep with SNORE SILENCER! A comfortable anti-snoring solution allowing you to breathe better whilst asleep. See the results of Nose Air Purifier below!



In the middle of the night, things like snoring with the person next to you are like nightmares … There is only one solution for a partner who doesn’t react to a subtle urge.  Snore Silencer ( Nose Air Purifier ) is a breakthrough in new aid technology that treats snoring and sleep apnea that people will use! Nose Air Purifier easy to use! Insert the ventilation into the nostrils and sleep quietly and peacefully.

snore silencer

Snore Silencer effectively stops snoring of the nose by maximizing airflow along the nasal passages. In addition to quiet sleep, Anti Snoring Nose Purifier also has a purifying air purifying filter. Nose Air Purifier facilitates pollution to air and breathing

How effective?

Snore silencer has been proved by clinical reports that it provides up to 50% more airflow depending on the shape and density of the nasal congestion.

Nose Air Purifier

Nose Air Purifier

When should I wear it?

You can wear a Snore Silencer whenever you have difficulty breathing through the nose. However, since the image after wearing does not match your daily life, it is generally preferred to use while working at home.

anti snoring

anti snoring

Who Should Use?

I can’t breathe through the nose My nose is blocked, I breathe through the mouth My nose bone is bent, I can’t breathe I have meat in my nose I have asthma I have an allergy My nose is clogged Anyone who complains of my snoring can use, should.  Snoring is a noisy and disturbing sound that occurs due to obstruction and narrowing in the upper respiratory tract while people try to breathe during sleep. Soft tissues in the upper respiratory tract, soft palate, small tongue, and tonsils relax during sleep.

As a result, a partial contraction occurs in the airway and a sound called snoring occurs by the vibration of these tissues. Depending on the severity of the narrowing, the loudness of the sound changes when snoring.

Snoring affects one’s social life as well as its health. Irregular and uncomfortable sleep, fatigue during the day, insomnia, headache can cause attention disorder. This problem ends with Clips, which prevents snoring. Now snorers will get rid of unhealthy sleep and get tired in the morning, and those who try to sleep with them will get rid of nightmares with this design.

Nose Air Purifier

Nose Air Purifier

These clips are intranasal apparatus that prevents snoring and provides comfortable breathing. The only thing to do is open the nose apparatus and place it neatly in the nostrils. This snore silencer is a product that pushes the nose cheeks outward, expanding the nasal air canals. It provides up to 50% more airflow. Therefore, snore silencer will facilitate breathing by opening the nostrils and prevent snoring.

It does not cure, it provides comfortable breathing as long as it is used.

Anti Snoring can be cleaned with warm water and soap after each use. Please do not share your Anti Snoring gadget with someone else for health reasons. Keep away from children and pets as it is a small piece


Specification: Snore Silencer – The Best New Anti Snore Gadget

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 cm

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Anti Snore Nose Clip

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4-20 cmH2O

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Sleep & Snoring

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