Say Hello Invisible Heels

Say Hello Invisible Heels

With invisible heels, you can extend your height now. You don't have to worry about you being short.

Ladies, are you ready to stretch your neck and have long, sexy legs? You may be tired of looking for thick soled shoes in the shopping, but I’m sure you will find the solution in Say Hello Invisible Heels.

Say Hello Invisible Heels

Say Hello Invisible Heels

You tried so hard to stretch your height at a young age, but unfortunately, you could not? Or do you struggle to wear high-heeled shoes or you don’t want people to notice that they only use heeled shoes to look longer!

These Say Hello Invisible Heels allow you to increase your height up to 7 cm.

What Are The Advantages Of Invisible Heels

  • Adjustable Height – These incredible foot insoles allow you to increase your height by up to 3cm, 5cm, 7cm or 9cm in just a blink.
  • Removable Plate Height
  • Air Bubble Design – Say Hello invisible heels won’t bother you and you won’t feel it.
  • Hidden Lift – People will never notice that you are using high heels just to look taller!
  • Up to 3.54″ Increase –  Increases height up to 3.54 inches (9cm) with our discrete in-shoe insoles for an instantly taller profile.

We know Valentine’s Day is near. Do you want to make your girlfriend happy with an unusual gift?

Why You Should Buy Invisible Heels?

Here Are 10 Reasons Not To Wear High-Heeled Shoes!

  • Hight heels Displacement of loads may cause osteoarthritis in the knee.
  • The inclined position of the foot in the shoe causes the calf area to shorten. It causes shortness and stiffness in calf muscles.
  • High-heeled and narrow-toed shoes cause the tissues in the fingers to become stuck and thickened.
  • In particular, narrow toe shoes severely compress the fingers. For long-term use, a bone protrusion occurs at the edge of the thumb.
  • It can carry 3.9 times the body weight while walking and 7.7 times the weight of the body. In the use of heeled shoes, the forward position of the foot causes shortening of the Achilles tendon.
  • In normal walking, all parts of the foot come into contact with the ground. The person may fall, may even twist his feet or even cause ankle fractures.
  • All heels in the heel shoe get on the fingertips and the structures in this area remain under load.
  • Narrow toe shoes cause fingers to bend from the middle joint. Bending causes muscles to shorten and standing tension. It restricts the use of shoes.
  • Heeled shoes not only standing on the ankle, knee or even cause excessive overload in the waist. It causes body weight to displace and cause disruption of the hip and spine array.
  • Like the heel height increases, the load on the front of the foot increases. Heel height of 2.5 centimeters results in a 22%, 5-inch heel, 57%, and a 7.5-inch-heel, 76%, of the load on the front foot.

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