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Shelf Toilet Roll Holder


Shelf Toilet Roll Holder Gadkit
Shelf Toilet Roll Holder


The latest “must-have” item for your bathroom is this Shelf Toilet Roll Holder. Why, when everybody brings mobile phones in the washrooms with them and several times, they either fall on the floor or land in the flush if you are more unlucky. No worries, this Shelf Toilet Roll Holder will protect your cell phone right on top of the tissue paper you are going to use.

Easy assembly: The screws and anchors, made of high-quality metal, are steady enough to comfortably bear the weight of your mobile and other objects such as keys, mirror. It doesn’t rust either.

Stylish look: With round edges and smooth curves, the chrome-plated toilet paper shelf is a sleek contemporary bathroom accessory. The lustrous surface finish gives your bathroom an additional styling touch.

Easy-to-install: In the installation, no hard science. There are two wall screw mounts that go with the wall and two additional screws that connect the shelf to the tissue paper holder.

Anti-fall feature: Even as it vibrates, the raised edge of the toilet paper shelf stops the mobile from falling, while the tissue holder’s high-hook design prevents it from swivelling out of the frame.

Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 70mm

280g Weight:

Material: Stainless steel Stainless steel





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