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Invisible Shoes – Foot Protect Stickers


  • Daily use footpads
  • Will easily pull away when removed
  • Use for Swimming, Beach combing, beach volleyball
  • Even exercise and yoga
Silicone Unisex Beach Foot Patch Pads Insoles men Comfortable Waterproof Invisible Anti-skid Shoes Mats women Foot Pads Patch Gadkit
Invisible Shoes – Foot Protect Stickers


2 pair Invisible Shoes – Sticky insoles are designed to protect your bare naked feet from hot, rough. While the footpads are sticky enough to remain on your bare soles all day, they will easily pull away when removed.

Stick-On Soles Take the Place of Flip Flops for Flexible Beach Wear

Sticky Foot Protect Stickers are perfect for such activities as swimming, beach combing, beach volleyball, sand play, walking, running, spa, slippery pool decks, surfing, even exercise and yoga. All indoor /outdoor barefoot activities can be better managed by these disposable daily use footpads.


S:21.5cm EU 32~35 US 1.5~3.5

M:23cm EU 36~39 US 4~6.5

L:24.5cm EU 40~43 US 7~9.5

XL:26cm EU 44~47 US 10~11


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