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Sink Caddy Rack


Features of holes for effective drainage
Good-bye to bacteria and germs
Washable, strong, and easy to install
Cleans the room around the sink
Rust-resistant, flexible & safe for dishwasher
Color: Pink and Blue Sink Caddy Rack
Size: Fit for hawk diameter 2.3cm-2.5cm

Sink Caddy RackSink Caddy Rack
Sink Caddy Rack Gadkit
Sink Caddy Rack
Sink Caddy Rack

Are all of your sink needs adding to your kitchen clutter? Then clean up space around your sink with our multipurpose Sink Caddy Rack. Washable and robust, this quick sponge/soap tray features handy drainage holes, which ensures the bacteria and germs won’t have a place to hide, whereas the solid rail keeps your dishcloths neatly and conveniently visible. This smart caddy quickly disassembles for easy cleaning and is a reliable dishwasher!


This washcloth, sink caddy rack is totally compact, so it can be used either in the kitchen or in the bathroom, or in the utility room. Great for household organization, this convenient rack can be conveniently added to your faucet, provides extra storage for household and grooming products, and features a flexible, rust-proof wall mount.


  • It’s great to keep the kitchen and bathroom counter tidy and clutter-free!
  • Size: Ideal for a hawk diameter of 2.3 cm-2.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.92 oz.


The Sink Caddy Rack is available in both Pink and Brown.


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