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Touch Screen Gloves


When the weather is very cold, using your phone outdoors becomes uncomfortable and creates bulky figures. If you don’t have some excellent Touch Screen Gloves that allow you to use your phone with toasted phalanx.

Touch Screen Gloves
Touch Screen Gloves

These Touch Screen Gloves are stretchy, which makes typing easier and more accurate and offers a more secure fit than the competition. Consider these if you tend to have hot hands or you live in a climate that rarely gets below 40 °f. they’re not nearly as warm as our main pick, but they work very well with touchscreens. Regular gloves don’t work with the capacitive screens on phones and smartwatches, so if you want to use your device when it’s cold out you’ll either need to take a glove off or use gloves that are designed to work with touchscreens.

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Touch Screen Gloves

Features Of Touch Screen Gloves

1. the laminated wind barrier provides critical wind-resistance. 2. high-quality waterproof zipper closure provides a secure fit with outerwear. 3. fluffy lining, keep warm to help regulate your body temperature. 4. palm anti-slip design, convenient for outdoor activities 5. layered palm construction reduces material bunching. 6. high-quality leather, comfortable and waterproof

Colors: Black Size: S, M, L, XL, (The Size Chart is in the picture) Material: Leather+Arctic velvet ( Waterproof and windproof ) Waterproof Zipper Polar fleece inside(keep warm enduring) Anti-skid Leather for the palm

Package: 1 pair of gloves


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