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Wart Removal Mole Remedy Liquid Pen


Treatment Papillomas Removing Skin Labels Flat Wart Genitals Painless Beauty Herbal Cream

Wart Removal Mole Remedy Liquid Pen



Wart Removal Mole Remedy Liquid Pen Treatment Papillomas Removing Skin Labels Flat Wart Genitals Painless Beauty Herbal Cream

It is made of all natural ingredients, does not contain chemical substances, is safe and healthy, and does not harm the skin.

No pain and no burning sensation With this cream, you can effectively remove skin tags, warts and moles without leaving scars.

Easy to absorb! Clean dry skin, apply appropriate amount of cream to the desired area, 2 times a day, gently massage until absorbed.

It can effectively remove skin tags, moles, flat warts, plantar warts, filiform warts, common warts, etc.

Suitable for all skin types, from normal to sensitive, from men to women.


Package contains: 1* Wart Removal Cream















Brand Name


Number of Pieces

One Unit

Essential Oil Type

Carrier Oil

Model Number


Item Type

Essential Oil

Country/Region of Manufacture


Product Name

wart remover essential oil


revitalize the skin


Removal of condyloma acuminatum, removal of vaginal warts


Remove warts without leaving scars

Suitable Age

All ages, skin with sarcoma

Expiration Date

Qualified, professional skin care

Shelf life

Three years away from direct sunlight

12 reviews for Wart Removal Mole Remedy Liquid Pen

  1. Joseph Garreau

    My wart has come off and the surrounding skin has healed well without pain. Recommended

  2. Vladimiro De Angelo

    It takes a while to take off completely, I have noticed that using tient works and the warts don’t come back, this is very important, my work

  3. Xose Mendez

    The product is totally effective, doesn’t smudge and is easy to apply, easy to carry, it works flawlessly.

  4. Rosalie Robertson

    I have a small wart on my eyelid that appears randomly. After using it for a while, things shriveled and disappeared. Very satisfied with the product. a+++

  5. Carla Poole

    love it! I have a wart near my right elbow. I decided to take care of it myself and after treatment with this product it dries up into a small scab and falls off on its own. (cough cough) Excuse the gray elbows haha.

  6. Miriam Perry

    I have dark spots with peeling skin tags and it’s healing. I only used half of a tube. Certified!

  7. Néo Lortie

    I didn’t want to buy it at first….but my wife insisted on buying this as she’s used it before and it worked great. After about a few uses, it’s fully 100%.

  8. Thibault Silvestre

    I have had these warts on my left hand for several years. They kept bugging me and making me a little irritable, I tried this desperately and to my surprise it really solved my annoyance

  9. Durante Sciara

    This product cleared my common warts in less than two weeks! I’m not exaggerating at all! ! ! Try it, you will be happy.

  10. Verline Cordon

    The product works when you use it exactly as it says in the instructions, using the correct tips. I use extensive hints. it’s great!

  11. Lakisha Mullenix

    This works great! I apply it to my son’s warts every night. I was very careful and only applied the medication directly to his warts and not the surrounding skin. He didn’t complain and it still seems to work. Very satisfied with the product, will use again.

  12. Yuvraj Wolf

    I wish I had a “before” photo of the wart on my finger. It’s big, it’s a pain, and I’ve been using it for about a year with no product to get rid of it. I used it exactly as instructed in the directions and it killed warts with two applications.

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