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Wireless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner


Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Contains large capacity lithium batteries, longer running time than ordinary handheld vacuum cleaners. Allows up to 18mins continuous running times.

Wireless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Gadkit
Wireless Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner


High RPM copper motor, avoiding excessive temperature while maintaining long-lasting suction. Rapture debris and articles as 0.3 microns, easily pick up pet hair, food residue, dust particles, sand, liquids

To give your house/car/office a thorough clean

Accessories support all-around cleaning. Gas nozzles could get rid of the trash in tight spaces and dead angles; Dusting brush for easily picking up hair or dust from the sofa, car seat, bed, and so on and no scratches. Operate at low frequencies below 70dB, which can provide a comfortable environment, gives you a quiet cleaning experience.

3 Nozzles for Wet and Dry use

1, Connection Nozzle, for general cleaning & as a connector for the other 2 nozzles

2. Crevice Nozzle, to clean corners, crevices, gaps, and hard-to-reach areas

3. Dusting Brush, for soft, irregular Surface, to clean pet hair and human hair

Small gravel inside the footpad, Snack crumbs, Soot butts, Small gravel inside the footpad, Spilled beverage water


1. Angled suction port vacuuming easier
2. Comfortable handle easy hold
3. It can be placed in the car storage box, car door, and other places, lightweight, not occupying area

Powerful suction effective cleaning

The motor, dust cup, and cyclone are located on a straight line to effectively improve the airflow efficiency and suction power. the optimization of the central air inlet structure effectively reduces the drag coefficient, thereby improving the dust collection efficiency and extending the service life

Charging model-battery capacity

2000Mah Use for 25 minutes


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